Be more interactive with banners

You may or may not be aware, but we also produce digital banners here and can assist you with your creatives in your digital campaigns. We recently launched our web page dedicated to our Digital Advertising work, as this is something we have been providing for many years now and felt it needed to shouted about. So much so, that we decided to make our own HTML5 banner displaying our capabilities in this area.



If you have visited Tapestry over the past forty years plus, then you would have paid a visit to The Tapestry Building. We’ve been housed here since 1972 and although the interior may have changed a few times over the years, the building on Frith Street remains the same. We decided to base our campaign around The Tapestry Building, creating an interactive HTML5 banner where the users can colour in their own version of the building.




This is just one example of an interactive banner that we can create, and we encourage you to get creative with your banners and let us bring the ideas to reality. As more spend and budget is being allocated to digital advertising, we firmly believe that everyone should be optimising the platform to be as engaging as possible. So with our skilled banner production team at the ready, we can confidently provide you with interactive banners ready to be trafficked across multiple devices.

Get in touch via or 020 7896 3415 for more info.