Digital Advertising

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The world of digital advertising is constantly evolving, and an eye-catching advert is highly important nowadays to cut through the increasing amount of online noise. Display banners are more capable of customer interaction than ever before; with animated roll overs, expanding adverts and video ads becoming the norm. Our digital banner production team have the capability to make your advert stand out, whether that be a HTML5 display ad or a digital out of house (DOOH) advertisement. Our skilled team can create your digital adverts no matter what the brief, from interactive full-page takeovers, to creative rich media expanding banners.

Sainsbury’s Home

We worked alongside Sainsbury’s to create a range of HTML5 banners, both dynamic and static. These featured online to promote their new home collection.

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EFL on Quest

We created a range of banners for Quest Channel to promote the fact that they are the new home of the EFL highlights.

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Elle L’Edition

We worked alongside Fragrance Group London to produce a range of HTML5 and static online banners to promote the new Elle L’Edition Eau de Parfum.

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