The importance of magazine reprographics


Written by Keith George, head of Publishing.


We’re very proud to announce that earlier this year we started working with 10, 10 Men and i-D, who have joined our list of publishing reprographic clients including Dazed, AnOther and Another Man. Whilst magazine publishing is certainly not as it was 20 years ago, it is still a thriving, buoyant and important part of our culture, well at least in Tapestry’s view. As readership, print runs, budgets and production teams reduce, it does not seem to affect the dedication, quality and effort of the contributors and professionals who bring these magazines together.

Technological advances and improving skill sets these days can make publishers self-sufficient, but is this just getting the best from an already over stretched staff? Why not leave them to do what they do best? Having flexible specialist resources on hand who have over 30 years of experience in supporting publishers with reprographic services – colour, retouching, workflow process and proofing – we know the most efficient, quickest and simplest ways to get pages signed off and sent to Print.

Magazines need to ask themselves, does it cost more to get the job done right the first time, or to get it re-done if it’s not quite right? After all, as soon as ink is on paper it can’t be changed – you’re committed and it’s history. Surely, if you are going to chronicle and shape history you’ll want to make sure it is the best it could be. After all, who’s going to look at today’s TikTok feed next month?

“Keith and the Tapestry team were fantastic. They went above and beyond to make the process smooth and efficient and I felt like I was in a very safe pair of hands. The colour work was meticulous with a particularly challenging set of images all shot during lockdown on various devices with a low fi focus.” – i-D