As if 2020 wasn’t scary enough…


We’re all aware that 2020 has already been scary enough, which has made Halloween feel slightly redundant this year! However, we couldn’t help but ‘spookify’ our Tapestry logo for the occasion. We had a couple of hours spare in the studio one afternoon and made sure to use this time to our advantage. A hand from an old shoot? Yes please. An old polystyrene Tapestry T letter? We’ll take that.


We used magenta powder paint to achieve the foggy look, with a very complex, state of the arts machine used to perfect the movement of the smoke – aka, Stella.

We then played around with using a human hand instead of the mannequin, and some of the shots came out great. However, we ended up opting for the mannequin, as it was easier to perfect the smoke with the static hand, along with the fact it appeared more lifeless, which fitted in well with the concept.


Finally, once we decided on the final shot, it was time to ‘spookify’ this. A bit of rotting flesh, some bats, the moonlight, changing the texture of the T and comping together of various shots to achieve the movement of the black sand, then voila! There we have it, our 2020 Halloween image.