Our lockdown Instagram recommendations

Over lockdown we’ve seen an increase in usage of Social Media. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, 82% of consumers have increased social media consumption. Instagram has proven to be the most popular social media platform amongst UK consumers, with nearly half (46%) selecting it as the app they have consumed the most content on during the Covid-19 pandemic, according to new research. (Source: Net Imperative)

Throughout lockdown we’ve been sharing our recommended Instagram accounts on our internal monthly newsletter, and as we’re now into our Lockdown 2.0, we thought it’d be a good time to share these accounts with you!

“I have been enjoying Lorraine Pascale’s instagram she used to be a TV chef, but now does anxiety coaching. Her Instagram is full of tips and videos about dealing with self-esteem issues, anxiety and past trauma.”

“Marina is a digital colourist, she posts her work on Instagram and twitter but she also has a book out now. She essentially puts the colour back into old photographs.”

“I’ve been following a woman named Mikai McDermott who has a bachelor’s degree in English literature from the University of Warwick and is currently undergoing her master’s degree in empires, colonialism and globalisation. She offers extensive reading lists on her page both related and unrelated to her studies, and also frequently does IGTV’s which combine makeup and politics and race relations, the most recent one speaking about ‘black women, sex work and the issue of feminity’”

“Ronan McGeough is an Irish artist I discovered recently through a Cass Art blog post. Just love his work, he’s into exploring urban environments through oil paint.”

“Reuben Dangoor is an artist I came across via Instagram. He focusses on British culture in his work – especially UK Grime and football. He also uses his platform to address current political issues and is very quick to react and create a piece that shines light on important matters.”

“I love Mona Chalabi. She’s a data journalist and creates art to have visualise the data she researches. I’ve followed her for ages but especially during this time she’s incredibly helpful to break down statistics to make them comprehendible.”

“This guy is a photographer that actually taught me when I was 16. He has been documenting buildings and the people of Leeds since the 60’s. He has been around even longer than Martin Parr but doesn’t get the same credit which I think he deserves.”

“This account recommendation is my good friends Will Child, so I am slightly biased but his medium of art is pretty original at the moment with music videos, advertising and slightly humourous political commentary”

“I met Anna Ferrara, a.k.a. @giallosardina, about two years ago. We studied in the same Fine Art Academy, in Urbino (Italy), and we became friends quite soon because of the interests we have in common. She now lives in Glasgow, with her boyfriend and her cat. Anna is an amazing illustrator with a unique style, where humans, animals and creatures in-between live together in her dreamy worlds. She is always on the seek for new ways of delivering her art; in fact, she’s currently studying animation too. Her characters are always very cute, even when the concept itself is quite dark, and her clever use of colour palettes and texture is always on point. Once you start following her, you just can’t wait for more, to see what she’s gonna come up with next.”


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