Marionnaud photoshoot london behind the scenes cosmetics

Marionnaud Face Rollers Photoshoot

At Tapestry we love working on a shoot where we can produce lots of different types of media. Recently we conducted a shoot for Marionnaud, a French cosmetics brand which offers a wide range of skincare, beauty, and fragrance products. The brand has their own line of products as well as offering high-end and more affordable beauty. They belong to the international group AS Watson, and have over 1000 stores across 9 European countries, as well as an extensive online store.

Over just two days our photography team created a whole variety of content, from still life photography for the Marionnaud website to social media-ready posts and videos created specially for the Instagram Reels format. The client opted to recreate a viral TikTok trend to promote their new face rollers.

This involved video shoots with models who demonstrated the face rollers as well as still images of new skincare products. We provided the client with the stylists for the models, and ensured every aspect of the shoot ran smoothly. This was vital because the Marionnaud team directed the shoot remotely, with five video streams coming in from all over France.

Model Shoot

Marionnaud skincare face rollers

Marionnaud photoshoot london behind the scenes cosmetics

Still Life Shoot

Marionnaud skincare face rollers beauty cosmetics

Marionnaud skincare beauty cosmetics

Marionnaud photoshoot still life cosmetics

Marionnaud photoshoot still life

The remote working aspect of the shoot combined with the short timeframe and requirement to stay under budget made the photography team’s work even more impressive. We also ensured that we were adhering to lockdown restrictions and social distancing requirements.

We also undertook all of the post-production on the content, from editing the video content to retouching the still images.

We really enjoyed working with Marionnaud on this shoot, and are proud to have received such a complimentary testimonial from them.

Marionnaud testimonial photography beauty

Check out the behind the scenes footage below!

Marionnaud skincare photoshoot behind the scenes

Skincare photography photoshoot london

Marionnaud photoshoot photography cosmetics

Video shoot