Within any business, whether its financial, legal, design or digital, project management is an essential part of being successful.
Here at Tapestry our Digital Project Managers are here for you and your company from the initial meeting stages, right until the end when your website goes live, your banners are live on the web or your app is available to download!
Our Project Managers are responsible for creating detailed plans using our online management software, where we can create Gantt charts which provide a precise schedule for our developers to follow, enabling us to comfortably meet your deadlines. They also track budgets, monitor and control the overall project, to ensure that everything is completed to a high standard.
All our Project Managers are very hands on when it comes to dealing with the client – it is important for the team member managing the project to meet with and keep in regular contact with the client in order to make their visions a reality.
At Tapestry, we ensure that our Project Managers are regularly in contact with clients, keeping them up-to-date with the progress of their project. This means that if elements of a job change (which happens a lot), thanks to Digital Project Management, we can react promptly, meaning there is little effect on the deadline day!
It is safe to say that here at Tapestry, our Digital Project Managers are an essential position within our company – they ensure efficiency, customer satisfaction and a great quality service!