Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week 2016

‘He’s one of our own’ is a chant that is echoing around a certain London football stadium just now, but it is also something we at Tapestry are shouting from our Soho roof terrace.
With National Apprenticeship Week drawing to a close, it reminds us of our very own success stories. We certainly lead from the top when it comes to apprentices! Our MD, Tony Garrett, has worked up through the ranks, starting as an apprentice. As far as success stories go, we think that’s up there. Tony began his career at The Mullis Morgan Group in January 1985, a very green 17 year old. Within four years he had received his certificates and has never looked back.


We asked Tony to share his views about the role that the National Apprenticeship scheme can play in helping to shape the careers of Britain’s young talent. Here’s what Tony said:

“My own experience gives me a unique insight in to the Apprenticeship scheme and I am delighted to have made this part of the ethos at Tapestry. I believe we can be classed as the academy in this industry, with so many of the company’s staff beginning their working life as apprentices. Whether they sit within production, administration, sales or management, the company’s views do not alter when it comes to our policy. As long as they demonstrate a positive attitude and a bucket load of enthusiasm, we believe they can become a valuable member of staff embracing the Tapestry values. I strongly believe that it is the responsibility of SME’s, to follow this principal and nothing pleases us more than seeing a trainee come up through the business into our management team. It is heart breaking to hear about young people, working tirelessly through school, college and university only to find that there are no opportunities in their chosen industries. It doesn’t help anyone. It’s just wasted talent and shattered dreams.

Tapestry has had an incredible success rate with its apprentice scheme, with more than 95% of our ‘starters’ going on to complete the course. Most of whom then go on to have a long and successful career with us. And, if they choose to spread their wings and leave our company, we can still say with pride that some of the leading figures within the industry have gained their training certificates within, what we like to call, ‘The Tapestry Academy’. Apprentices are crucial for us, as they should be for any business. I have seen plenty of young people progress through our company who may have been in a very different situation, had they not taken on an apprenticeship. We currently employ around 100 staff, of whom 39 have been or are currently, apprentices within Tapestry. This is something of which we are incredibly proud.”