Dennis has a truly breath taking back catalogue of images, not only of Bob Marley but also artists including the Sex Pistols, Marianne Faithful, the Stone Roses, Goldie and Oasis just to name a few!
Did anyone else see the great little piece in the Metro newspaper earlier last week about Dennis Morris and how his career started out in photography?
It included some marvellous tales about how Dennis, as a child, bunked off school to meet his idol, Bob Marley, to pursue his dream of becoming a photographer.
Dennis first broke into photography at the young age of eleven years old, when he had his first picture printed on the front page of the Daily Mirror!
His photography of Marley and The Wailers soon became world famous and appeared on the cover of Time Out and Melody Maker and all before Dennis had even turned 17!
Since then we have collaborated with Dennis on a wide range of projects. Things as diverse as recreating the ‘smashed room’ where Sid Vicious applied his own brand on feng shui to a hotel room by completely trashing it – part of a collaboration with artist Shepard Fairey; to producing acclaimed exhibitions such as Growing up Black – a collection of his photographs from the Black community in Hackney, which is part of the permanent collection of the Hackney Museum. The Victoria and Albert Museum has also acquired some photographs from the Growing Up Black collection.
Tapestry is so proud to be able to call Dennis a friend. We have been lucky enough to work with him for a number of years now on and long may it continue!
I think in this case Dennis could be forgiven for skipping a day off school!
To see some of the work we’ve done with Dennis please click here.