‘The Journey’


Being a Creative Media Production agency, we absolutely love it when a brief comes along which allows us to see the project through to completion across all of our departments. Having all areas of our agency come together on a single campaign really demonstrates how we can apply our expertise to any stage. The following case study, ‘The Journey’, is an example demonstrating how we can take an asset from production right through to the various outputs across different platforms whilst retaining the creative.




When the asset is going to be used across different platforms, being aware of the usage planned for the campaign before shooting means we can best shoot the product for the intended outputs. This reduces amount of retouching time spent on altering the compositions. For this particular project, we filmed an ink collision and later took stills from this.

photography-asset-complete-production-agency-1 photography-asset-complete-production-agency



At this stage we can comp and alter the image to best suit the dimensions required. We also output and colour grade moving image, adapting these to fit the required file sizes and length. For the ink collision video we enhanced the colour, removed the stray ink droplets, and added animated text on the final version.




Once we have received the creative design, our artwork team will format the documents to the required dimensions of the intended ad space. The artwork team are also skilled in retouching, and know how to adapt an asset to fit the specs – whether that’s an ad on the side of a bus, or a full IMAX takeover.


Press Advertising


Our pre-press team take your campaign’s creative and ensure it’s sent to print in the correct format, retaining its colour across any publication. We formatted our creative to fit a double page spread in Time Out, as well a single page ads in the Metro and Financial Times. We are Financial Times’ recommended repro house.


Digital Advertising


Whether it’s a digital out of home advertisement or producing your online campaign, we have the resources to adapt assets to meet required specifications. We can produce adverts for a Waterloo station takeover and adapt these to fit on a smartphone, all whilst retaining the creative. Simply let us know your schedule and we’ll produce the banners best suited to your planned ad spaces and budget.

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