Tapestry’s Summer Soiree 2017

Our annual Summer Soirees took place over the past week and it’s definitely put everyone here at Tapestry in a Summery mood. This year we adopted a Summer Garden Party theme, with flowers and bunting taking over for the night, leaving remnants of ivy leaves and sweets floating around the building as an aftermath. In comparison to previous years, we managed to luck out with perfect weather both nights – In fact, we managed to capture it on a 360° camera set up on the roof which you can see here:



The Summer Soiree photo booth was very popular on both nights, and it turns out that being thrown into the booth with only a few seconds to adjust your pose and chuck on a different coloured wig is actually a great ice breaker. The difference in images from the beginning of the night to the end of the night are pretty noticeable, as it seems that the simplicity of putting a pair of oversized glasses on your face is a bit more challenging after a few glasses of Pimms. However, the Pimms didn’t stop some guests from giving it their all, as a couple even managed to feature a handstand in their snaps, which definitely awards them the most creative use of the photo booth.




Everyone stocked up at our Sweets ‘n’ Treats table before they left, and we have a suspicion there’ll definitely be a fair few people still making their way through the sweets bags today. This year’s Summer Soirees were great successes, and we want to give special thanks to The Fleas (our resident Ukulele band in the building), The Way and Boho Hustle for all providing us with live music across both nights. Another thanks to Focal Point VR for providing us with VR headsets on the first night and capturing the beautiful sunset over Soho, as well as Poppies and Hospitality 2 U for providing us with great fish and chips and canapés. All images taken by our very own photographers are featured on our Facebook page, so be sure to tag yourselves in the pictures. Thank you to everyone who attended, and if you weren’t able to make it this year round we hope to see you there next year!