O2 Bubble at Munich Airport


For the first time ever, Germany’s 5 star Munich Airport is opening up its boarding bridges for advertising space. Running for the next three years, all the 90 boarding bridges at Terminals 1 and 2 will be branded with O2’s infamous bubbles in an exclusive partnership between O2 and Munich Airport.


The bridges have been transformed into futuristic underwater tunnels as passengers walk through to board their plane. Special foil helps bring the iconic bubbles and blue branding to life, specially made to adapt to the architectural design. Not only this, but the designs have QR codes integrated into them, leading the user to a YouTube playlist of clips from the current O2 campaign.


In Terminal 2 alone, approximately 3000 windows and panels are having to be redesigned for the brand takeover. This can only take place at night due to air traffic, meaning it could take several months for every bridge to be complete.


The idea was formed by Kolle Rebbe, a German creative agency. We provided the retouching for Superunion of the O2 bubbles to ensure they were perfectly formed.