It is 40 years since Martin Elliot captured one of the funniest and iconic photographs in British history.
Fiona Walker, Martins’ girlfriend at the time, strolls towards the net in her tennis kit, reaching behind with her left hand, saucily revealing that she is not wearing any knickers!!!
To celebrate the start of Wimbledon, we decided to replicate the timeless image.
Volunteers wanted, the rules were simple; you had to be masculine and foremost, prepared to show some cheek!
After much begging and peer pressuring, Leon Webster, our very sporting sales manager, agreed.
Our photography team got to work styling Leon and between the laughter and frolics, shot him in our Frith Street studios. Onto our retouching department, who would compose him onto a tennis court image, similar to the Birmingham University one used all those years ago.
The images are sitting proudly in our Gallery, produced on Duo-tran and installed by our Print team.