Why neglect asset delivery? Don’t fall at the last hurdle.

There’s no denying it, the world of print advertising has changed drastically since 46 years ago when Tapestry began. The introduction of the internet and the rise of digital advertising has had a large effect on print media, causing brands and agencies to split their marketing budgets across more platforms than ever before. We’re noticing an increasing number of brands neglect their creative when it comes to print. After taking the time to plan and produce the perfect advertising campaign; why not take the same care to deliver the final print asset?



In the words of Keith George, our Head of Publishing, “One advantage (or drawback) print has over digital, is its permanence. Once the ink is committed to paper, it exists in history for potentially a very long time. If you’re going to do it – make sure you do it right”. We understand the importance of committing ink to paper, which is why we have a dedicated in-house repro advertising team at Tapestry to make sure every advert is delivered to a high quality. Once the advert’s been printed, there’s no time to alter or change, so we make sure to get it right first time around. None of the work is sent offshores and it is all carried out in The Tapestry Building, with our team of experts working to the demanding standards and deadlines of the advertising industry.



In the frenzied world of the mass media, the launch of a new and innovative television series can present a challenge to broadcasters when aiming to stand out from the crowd. NBC Universal’s Syfy Channel recently ran a campaign promoting their new show “Runaways”, including visually striking press advertising. As we are aware of the problems faced when maintaining visual integrity across a variety of publications, Tapestry are able to ensure maximum visual impact in newspapers and magazines alike. NBC Universal entrusted us with their campaign, and it was our responsibility to guarantee the colours remained bold and eye-catching when printed across different publications. As the images show, our Press Advertising team successfully delivered the campaign, ensuring colour consistency across the variety of substrates from tabloids to consumer mags.



So, in a time where magazines and newspapers are still being read daily, don’t let your marketing campaigns fall at the last hurdle when sending to print. Ensure that your adverts really do catch people’s eyes, and don’t let the colours be dullened by a lack of care.