My week at Tapestry

My Week At Tapestry

We’re always open to taking on students for work experience here at Tapestry and feel that it is an important time for students to understand more about the working world and explore any potential job paths they may follow. The two most recent students have written a small piece about their time here and speak about what they got up to during the week and what they’ve learnt from Tapestry.

Molly, 16, Chesham Grammar School

“I was really excited to carry out my work experience at Tapestry because I wanted to learn more about the variety of jobs that the creative industry offers and have an insight into the type of work each department does.

On Monday I helped out in the artworking department and learnt more about what artworking consists of and the variety of clients they work with. On Tuesday I was in the photography department and helped out in some of the shoots. On Wednesday I had an insight into Digital and found out about potential new jobs. In the afternoon I was in marketing and helped out with the release of the new website. On Thursday I helped out in EA sports and also learnt a lot about publishing and colour matching. Lastly on Friday I worked in the retouching department and video production in which I saw how the colour is changed to enhance different types of videos.

I really enjoyed photography as I took part in setting up some of the shoots and saw how they had to creatively come up with many different ideas to fit the brief they were presented with. Marketing and publishing were also really interesting as they were both quite new to me but really made me consider those areas for my future.

As a whole I felt very welcomed by Tapestry. Everyone was extremely friendly and were happy to explain to me how their job works and give me a small insight into what they do and who they work with. Seeing each department has informed me greatly about making decisions in the future. I have learnt so much about the different career pathways, from University to apprenticeships to foundation courses, and this has made me a lot more confident in making the right decision for my future. I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone at Tapestry for their kindness and teaching me so much about their industry. I had an amazing experience and I feel this week has really benefited me in many different ways.”


Adam, 14, Hurstmere School

“I wanted to carry out my work experience at Tapestry because I was interested in computer development and web design as well as how all the artwork is distributed to clients. The digital team involved with web design was my favourite department to sit with because they showed me all things that go on with a site that you cant see and how to make a site that is simple and isn’t complicated so the user gets frustrated and leaves. Everyone at Tapestry is friendly and willing to help me with my work and I have a much better idea of what I want to do now as working here has showed me what it is like to work in IT and web design or development. I have also been able to learn some AppleScript which is a programming language good for automation.

On Monday, I sat with IT and they showed me what their part was in the company, what they were working on and what programs they use to do their work. I then started an AppleScript course online.

Tuesday I worked through my AppleScript course and helped the photography department move out because of building works. I wrote a program that could automatically create a new folder and rename files on the desktop.

Wednesday I sat with each of the digital team and learned about what they do. I learned what front end and back end web design is and how to make a website aesthetically pleasing while keeping the interface simple and easy to use. I found out that if a site requires a lot of clicks, the user can become frustrated that the site is not easy to use and leave the site. This is bad for the company as a potential client would have been lost if the site wasn’t easy to navigate. Afterwards I learnt about marketing and made a draft cover photo on Photoshop for the company’s twitter using various projects they had been working on.

Thursday I helped set up a new server virtual machine for file maker. I finished my AppleScript and started a python course as I am learning that language at school.

Friday I finished up with the work required for the server and wrote up about my time spent at Tapestry.”