A week at Tapestry

Work experience is a great opportunity for students to learn more about the working world and explore a range of potential job paths. For this reason we love to open up our company to work experience students. The large breadth of services that we offer make for a great place to discover a variety of jobs within the industry. Integrated throughout Tapestry we have a range of employees who first started their career here on work experience and have remained with us since.



Ewan, 17

I came to Tapestry to gain more valuable experience in the media industry. I had wanted to learn more about the equipment and tools that I don’t usually have access to, so I could expand my skillset and understanding.

I worked on a range of projects across my time at Tapestry, from food packaging artwork to advertising photography in the studio. My favourite department to sit with was Marketing. This was one of the most useful experiences I’ve had in learning about cameras and filming as I was given the opportunity to help film a video for Tapestry’s showreel and website.

Every member of staff at Tapestry was very welcoming. Everybody greeted me with a smile and were always willing to help me learn more about what happens at Tapestry. Even if they were busy, they found the time to answer my questions. I had a good idea of what I wanted to do before I came to Tapestry, which was to work as a camera operator in film. However, I think any job in the media world looks interesting and it has motivated me to pursue a career in the media.


Mara, 16

I chose Tapestry as the place to carry out my work experience because it was highly recommended and I thought it would be the best place to learn more about the creative industry.

I was really excited for my first day at Tapestry. I first joined the Digital team on Monday as they were making banners for a national campaign. I later moved to the Sony team where I helped create a really cool poster featuring a Marvel character.

On Tuesday I found out more about retouching, and I was really impressed by the impact it has on all digital media. There is a tight link and understanding between the retouchers and the brand whose project they are working on.

I stayed with the Artwork department on Wednesday morning and discovered what it takes to make a case and packaging for video games. Then, over at Marketing & Sales I made a new Twitter cover photo and a mock up newsletter.

Thursday was really interesting as I went to Publishing and helped prepare pages to print for a famous magazine. In the afternoon, I met EA designers and artworkers and loved their passion and commitment for the brand.

Friday was spent with Photography where I helped out on a photoshoot for a men’s clothing brand. It was awesome to see a behind the scenes work that goes into an image.

The Tapestry team made me feel welcome from day one, as everyone was really friendly and excited to talk about their department with me. I definitely have a better idea about this industry and the new knowledge I’ve gained will surely help me in the future. My favourite department was definitely retouching because I’m really passionate about editing photos using Photoshop.


Claudia, 20

I really liked the idea of getting to be at a company that offers an insight into so many different aspects of the production industry. While all the departments were incredibly interesting, I found the marketing and advertising departments particularly interesting as they relate to my studies the most. While shadowing these departments I was able to apply my studies to the workplace as well as learn new information firsthand.

Everyone I came across was welcoming and willing to help me adjust and have the best experience possible. My experience at Tapestry allowed me to try and enjoy new aspects of the production process I’d never looked into, colour grading and retouching for example. Getting to work with the marketing and advertising teams solidified my interest in pursuing such specifics as a career.