Whole Earth

We have been responsible for ensuring brand consistency at Whole Earth Foods by producing their product packaging for over a decade. Their range includes soft drinks, coffee alternatives, peanut butter and chocolate spread, baked beans and tomato ketchup. From the design process to final print, we liaised with both suppliers and printers to ensuring that all Food Information Regulations were met.

  Whole_Earth_Peanut_butter_chocolate repro-food-packaging-whole-earth

Whole_Earth_Food_Packaging_Repro_Artwork Whole_Earth_Food_Packaging_Repro_Artwork_4 Whole_Earth_Food_Packaging_Repro_Artwork_3 Whole_Earth_Food_Packaging_Repro_Artwork_1

Below are examples of our localisation work we carry out for Whole Earth. We produce the food packaging in Spanish, French, Dutch and Italian, ensuring that the different territory guidelines and regulations are met in each country.

packaging-artwork-whole-earth localisation-food-packaging-artwork-whole-earth-translation localisation-food-packaging-artwork-whole-earth