LinkedIn #InItTogether

LinkedIn have launched their first major integrated marketing campaign #InItTogether which is running for 12 weeks using the creative BMB Agency. The work is being displayed globally across TV, short and long form AV content online, posters, train station takeovers, experiential, PR and social. The campaign emphasises that LinkedIn is not just a platform for a ‘white collar business people’, but is used by a wide variety of characters with different views on aspirations, goals, challenges and success. Each unique piece of work is a story of one of LinkedIn’s 500 million members, looking at why they’ve chosen their career paths.



We’re very proud to have provided the colour grading of the stills which were captured by photographer Ben Ingham. These have been used widely as out of house marketing material, and have even taken over LinkedIn’s HQ building. This was a great campaign to be a part of, and it’s clear to see that both the images and short videos successfully capture the wide variety of users.