Football Manager 2018

The Brief

We have worked alongside Sports Interactive to create Football Manager assets since the 2016 edition, coming up with different concepts and seeing them through to the final result. Sports Interactive wanted to focus equally on each of the variations that Football Manager offer – Football Manager, Football Manager Mobile and Football Manager Touch. We create packaging and artwork for them each year, but this year we also needed to create compelling digital assets that would successfully direct the audience’s focus across the three variations.


The Process

We created the stadium, crowd and tunnel predominantly using CGI which provided a lot more flexibility over the use of a single image. It allowed us to achieve a variety of different angles and perspectives to select and adapt when needed. In order to create an authentic looking dugout, we took images of staff members from Tapestry and Sports Interactive at our photography studio. We then stitched together the various shots of them on the bench and achieved the final result seen in the backdrop. The main images used for each of the three managers were also shot at our studio by our photography department.



The Result

We were able to use a variety of our departments specialities here to provide Sports Interactive with a creative that successfully demonstrated the three separate Football Manager versions. The parallax video that was to be used across social media continuously looped, and alternated equally between Football Manager, Football Manager Mobile and Football Manager Touch.