Tapestry’s Christmas Cards

Each year we run an internal competition to design Tapestry’s Christmas Card. This year two joint winners were selected – They each opted for a very different style, as one was created predominantly with CGI, and the other involved some old school arts n crafts…


Jan’s CGI Card

Jan created his card predominantly with CGI, however he did need some models to place into the scenery. As always, everyone in Tapestry is willing to lend a helping hand and further their modelling careers for the day. People across the company stepped in and now feature on the card that has been sent out externally. Click on our Instagram video below to look at the different steps in making the card.


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Kirsty’s Photography Card

Kirsty Owens adopted a more traditional method and put her arts n crafts skills to the test, creating a Tapestry T Tree scenario. The final result shows all the different layers captured by one shot and no retouching or post production. The behind the scenes image of the set in the studio shows clearly how the different layers in the Christmas Card were achieved.