Olivia Burton: The Covent Garden Edit


From the studio in Soho, to on-location shoots in Central London, the question we want to ask you is…

Have you explored Olivia Burton’s Flagship Store located in Covent Garden?


Bursting with the charm and history of the Piazza, this luxurious space welcomes customers from far and wide, bringing them in from the bustling streets of the marketplace to enjoy their collections in a unique and relaxed environment! Honouring the historic ironwork architecture of the building, their upper floor store leads to a downstairs vault which showcases their variety of pieces, inspired by both nature and vibrant, contrasting and neon elements! With soft lighting, a bespoke interior and a focus on neutral and calming colour palette, the recently refurbished store allows each piece of jewellery to shine to its best potential…for you to admire!


Why not take a visit whilst passing by?

Find out more about their Flagship Store here:



Photography & Retouching by Tapestry!