International Women’s Day – March 2023


March is recognised as Women’s History Month!

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we asked the Tapestry team to answer some questions including sharing advice, and telling us about Women they look up to!


Who do you find inspirational as a woman, and why?


“Without a doubt, my Mum. Since I can remember she has demonstrated such strength and resilience through all her endeavours, carrying on with such a grace and a smile on her face, no matter what comes her way. She has been a true inspiration and my biggest champion throughout my life – I am so grateful to know her.”

“Queen Elizabeth II because of her sense of loyalty, determination, resilience, and her adaptability to her role and the environment around her during her 70 years of service was astonishing and admirable.  Whether you like the royal family or not, when you strip out the politics and the pomp etc that is was one strong women to maintain that position and fight through some of the backlash she would have received.”

My mum, she is the most strong, hard working, selfless person I know.”

Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill – Olympic Heptathlete Champion, 3 times World Champion, European Champion. One of the hardest events to excel at especially as a short athlete.”

I genuinely find all the women around me, my family and friends, inspirational women but I will answer this question by highlighting one of my cousins who I believe to be quite inspirational. She is a nurse who specialises in working with terminally ill people. Originally she wanted to be a midwife, but after doing a year of nursing as part of her studies, she knew that nursing was what she wanted to do. While she was studying, her mum became terminally ill with cancer and she eventually lost her when she was only 25. After this, cancer care became something close to her heart and she wanted to look after others suffering. After her mum passed she had to take on the flat they shared on her own… due to this she didn’t have much time to grieve as she had bills to pay, so she went to work every day and looked after terminally ill teenagers. At such a young age, she had so much responsibility and I’ve always found her strength inspiring.”

My Mum, when my sister and I was younger and she was a single mother, she worked four jobs at the same time just so we didn’t go without, she had to do this to put a roof over our head, feed and cloth us, as you get older you realise what she must of been going through and the worry that must of been going through her mind 24/7. This also instilled in me what hard work is and to follow her lead.”


Can you share a women’s empowerment moment that has inspired you?


“Billie Holiday selling out Canergie Hall in 1948!! After being unfairly incarcerated leading to her loosing her Cabaret Card, she was unable to perform in clubs throughout New York that sold alcohol. To ‘get around’ this, she could only perform in concert venues and theatres thereafter. Her returning performance at Canargie Hall sold over 2700 tickets in advance – a record figure for that time! What a come-back.”

“Another one from history I’m afraid, but where the movement all started back with the Suffragette movement.  Without them starting to bring the issues at the time to the forefront of peoples mind, we would not have been able to make the progress that has been made through history to where we are now without what they put in place.”

Carole King – The singer of the album Tapestry. Great life story and songwriting achievements.”

This is hard as, for me, there are many moments that have inspired me and I still get inspired. Seeing women and men in countries like Iran protesting for women’s rights is so moving inspiring! They are putting their safety aside to get their voices heard! Seeing women congratulate each other is inspiring too as historically I think women have been pit against each other in pop culture and other areas. It’s wonderful to see women praising and lifting up other women. We’re not each others nemesis but we are often made out that way.”

Queen Elizabeth 2nd for everything she did throughout her life for Great Britain, I think we all saw this when she died and the outpouring of emotion the country showed her.”


What advice would you give, or have you been given regarding the working environment for women?


“Never stop listening, never stop learning, and don’t be afraid to speak up. Ask for help if you need It, and try not to take feedback to heart. Find strength and passion to motivate your growth, and aim to enjoy everyday – if you don’t like something, change it!”

It’s getting better but there is a long way to go. Don’t be afraid to speak out. Don’t be afraid to be seen. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself.”

Be heard. Be seen.”