Discover Rubies with Gemfields – 2024


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…we provide reprographic services to Gemfields, a world-leading miner and marketeer for coloured gemstones, specialising in Rubies and Emeralds! Their subsidiary company Fabergé, of whom are also a client of ours, is one of world’s leading names in jewellery and together, they demonstrate the beauty of responsibly mined and delicately crafted gemstones for all!


Founded in the heart of Westminster, London, we work alongside Gemfields to provide variety of advertisement campaigns stretching across an international scale! Rubies are traditionally gifted to celebrate 40th wedding anniversaries. The ‘fire’ viewed within the gemstone is said to symbolise the burning flame of passion in the hearts of couples who have shared 40 years together. Exploring the meaning behind their gemstones and promoting their pieces worldwide, we proudly provide both press and digital services to Gemfields.


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