Retouching photography electric car charging renewable electricity

Connected Kerb

It’s great when we can work with a client whose values align with ours, and Connected Kerb does exactly that. Having recently moved into our building on Frith Street, we have been working with them to both photograph their electric vehicle charging points and retouch the images. We’re happy to be working with a sustainable company which is helping make electric vehicles a more viable option for the public.

We are excited about this new partnership and invited Beth Stavert, Internal Communications & Culture Lead at Connected Kerb, to explain why making electric vehicles a realistic option for consumers is so important.

“Our mission is to accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility for all people with reliable, affordable and accessible EV charging solutions.

A central tenet of our mission is to make electric vehicle charging infrastructure greener; it’s something that we feel very strongly about. We have designed our solution with sustainability at the forefront. We use high volumes of recycled materials, including plastic and rubber, throughout manufacturing and aspire to increase these volumes in the near future. The unique design of the system and the way it’s deployed removes the need for use of additional materials and construction work. The platform is also future-proofed so that it is flexible to upgraded or entirely new technologies, removing its risk of obsolescence and increasing its longevity as an infrastructure asset.

The pace has really picked up this year – we have installed our solution for councils and developers across the country, won some significant tenders for future work, doubled in staff headcount and moved into our new office!”

We look forward to continuing to work closely with Connected Kerb.