Our Big Building Revamp

We have recently undergone a big building refurbishment, which now brings all three floors of Tapestry closer together and has shuffled around our departments to optimise workflows. Read on to take a look at some before and after pictures of the building.



Lower Ground Floor

We’ve now combined Photography and Retouching so that the two departments are positioned directly next to each other on the same floor. This has already proved a great benefit for our clients who are able to work closely with each of the departments coherently. On the same floor we have our Publishing, CGI and Colour Grading departments. The colour grading suite is in a room painted with a professional standard paint from Bristol VFX company. This enables us to colour grade within a colour controlled room, meaning our colour perception isn’t affected and any reflections are prevented.










Ground Floor

The ground floor plays home to our Directors, Sales, Marketing and Accounts alongside a brand new meeting room complete with Netflix for those rainy lunchtimes. Although we no longer have the gallery space on this floor, our offices are easily converted into a venue where we can hold drinks and events. So, don’t worry, this doesn’t mean we’ll be going cold on the events front.






First Floor

The first floor belongs to our Artwork, Digital Advertising, Press Advertising and EA / Sony teams. It makes full use of the large windows we have overlooking Soho, and creates a naturally light office space complete with a new meeting room.