Immortal: Unchained

Immortal: Unchained combines tactical combat with RPG mechanics and third-person shooting to deliver a unique and innovative experience inspired by the emerging hardcore action-RPG genre. The game developed by Toadman Interactive and published by Sold Out was released on September 8th 2018. We produced all artwork for the video game, including inlays, discs, inserts, packshots and character packaging.

“The Cosmos is collapsing. It is the end foretold by the ancient Prophecy. Released from an arcane prison you are awoken in a last desperate attempt to stop it. You are a living weapon, a secret never meant to be unleashed. From the Core, the last safe haven in the Cosmos, your mission is to venture into the worlds and find the source of corruption that is the cause of the apocalypse. Should you fair there is no-one else, and the Cosmos is destined to be plunged into darkness.”