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Creative Debuts

Services:  Strategy, UX and IA, Web Design, Web Development

Creative Debuts is a result of founders Calum Hall and Alex Rollings’ vision to create an online environment for undiscovered artists to exhibit and sell their work. Our digital team were called on to create the platform for Creative Debuts, which is designed to provide a showcase for talent without the issues surrounding physical exhibition spaces.

The new website is a fully responsive e-commerce platform featuring galleries of art for sale and for rent as well as full artist bios and portfolios. All galleries and images were designed and cropped so that they scale as the screen sizes differ between users.


A new artist can use the platform to sign-up with no help from the Creative Debuts Team. It was designed so that all uploads, maintenance and updates would be managed by the artist so that they can be in charge of showcasing their best work.

 The site has full payment integration so that anyone looking to buy artwork from the site can do so in a simple smooth way. All costs, delivery information and checkout procedures are detailed throughout the site. When the site launched, the Creative Debuts team had signed up just over 80 artists, now the site boasts over 350 and an impressive collection of over 1700 pieces of artwork available for purchase or rent, we call that a runaway success!