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Placenta Care

The founder of Placenta Care, an IPEN Certified Remedies Specialist, was looking for a brand identity that was in line with the core business of Placenta remedies, but also stood out from her competitors. Placenta encapsulation is a natural remedy for postpartum mums for the recovery stage after birth and beyond.

After taking Placenta capsules and other forms of remedies associated with her own Placenta and feeling the benefits, the founder of Placenta Care decided she wanted to make a difference in the way mothers feel after giving birth. This is where Placenta Care was born.design_brand_identity_medical_placenta_care

Market research led us to the decision that the brand required an icon/symbol that represents the bond between a mother and her baby. This is where the elephants came into play as elephants are known to be one of the best mothers within the animal kingdom. They even carry their baby for nearly two years before giving birth.
Using this, different concepts surrounding elephants were formed, with the final design consisting of a baby elephant within the mother’s body using negative space. This keeps the logo in line with a contemporary feel and shows the true bond and connection a baby should have with its mother.design_brand_identity_medical

The light colourways offer a clean and clinical look, whilst simultaneously presenting a soft feel towards the brand. The logo identity needed to be flexible in order to remain consistent across the different forms of packaging and advertising set to be released.design_brand_identity_medicalPlacenta Care has now successfully launched and has already secured clients within the southern region of the UK. By working alongside the client and producing it’s new branding we hope to assist in the ambitions of franchising Placenta Care in the near future.design_brand_identity_medical_placenta_care