We worked alongside EA to create all of the visual materials and game artwork for the global release of the newest FIFA football game ‘FIFA 16’ - released on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Android and iOS. Our work started way before the store release date, as we helped EA to prepare for the gaming expositions and events including one of the world’s biggest gaming conventions known as E3. We made sure the game was well represented at the exhibitions by creating a range of supporting visuals including game mock-ups, posters, booth concepts, digital advertisements and exhibition arena branding. As well as, sneak peeks for the fans to build awareness and drum up the excitement for this year's football classic.

Although the release of a new FIFA is a much looked forward to date in any man's calendar. FIFA 16 was the first game to feature some of the best female football players in the world, after the popularity of the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup held in Canada. A project like FIFA is no small task, requiring a lot of talent and teams to get involved in the project to ensure it not only met our quality standards, but EA was also happy with the results. Our retouching and creative teams were asked to get involved in conducting the image refinements, to bring all of the artwork assets up to the quality standard that is expected of an EA release.

During the art working production, we managed to get the fans involved by asking them to select which football stars they would like as the faces of this year’s game. Voting was held on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram independently for each country, resulting in a selection of Cover Stars on the box art to represent the country that nominated them. The Cover Stars for the UK cover were Lionel Messi and Jordan Henderson. FIFA 16 was our biggest project of the year, running for a total of 8 months and calling upon many of our departments and teams to assist in each stage of the creative, planning and production process. On completion, we handed a portfolio of over 1,100 artwork assets including, packaging and downloadable content for the 17 territories to a very happy EA.